Online reputation management utilizes excellent SEO practices

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SEO we believe is in-exhaustible. We firmly believe that it has endless variety and potential to work around an online marketing strategy. But, it also is very effective in managing brand reputation online, what in other words we call online reputation management. Implementing white hat SEO practices, one can build a resounding & valuable online identity by making your website more vibrant, visible, robust and active on the internet.

Why we assert with most certainty that SEO needs to be a pivotal part of your online regime is because you might be having a really high conversion on visiting traffic, and you might have a promising customer base but any leading search engine will not really rank you high in their esteem, if your brand isn’t making its due rounds on the net for all the right reasons and at the stipulated time.

SEO makes your website visible, so that it can be found through search at all the right positions on the popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, My Space etc. Now if you wonder how does it help in making or marring your reputation, here is how?

• Search users firmly believe that a website that auto populates itself and draws their conscious mind is a really promising one! Thus SEO is your online PR.

• Also, visitors who are browsing and searching for information get attracted to the findings that are on the top, i.e., leading the rest.

• SEO grants and guarantees prominence, visibility, good SERP rankings, and timely and appropriate buzz around the brand.

• Again, if you’re in the leading rank, then it is easy to combat any negative events that arise online. Thus, consistent white hat SEO snubs these issues that arise with ease, maintaining for your brand, a flawless online reputation.

Content from SERP listings is read as current affairs and daily news by people. That is the trust count of these conversations.  For, what is on the first page of search results for any given search is will shape user public opinion about the topic or subject of the search.



How to make Facebook page more frequented?

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Most organizations invest a lot of time and energy in maintaining a proficient Facebook & Twitter page. However, lack of proper regulation and management leads to a poor social media presence for a brand at times! Facebook presence is all about making the brand endearingly popular amongst its fans! The most important point is let not the social presence be managed by someone who isn’t aware of how online presence be managed.  It is the job of some social media expert who is well aware of all facets of the internet and is adept at handling internet marketing practices.

It is important to come up with innovative ideas to keep the online audience hooked. Thus, coming up with regular surveys, competitions, and events involves the audience very well. They keeping coming back to your page to check out what’s new. This helps in increasing the fan volume and traffic on your page. Also, interesting free giveaways help your favorite customers interested & informed. Trust us promoting a brand with special deals, competitions and giveaways is a perfect way to gain positive attention.

For ensuring that your page is followed well, you could keep posting pictures of certain events, promotions, occasions etc. that the organization participates in! A tall profile picture, and constant uploading and tagging pictures are a few activities to insure constant activity on FB page. Asking questions and seeking opinions are yet other important activities that keep your audience list hooked. Relevant questions of the season regulate a flow of conversation on your page that reached out even to your dormant fans. It generated visibility!

Next and relatively important is to keep posting regularly, but just enough so that the essence is not killed. The right balance has to be striked, since one post too less is as bad as overdoing it and putting off the audience. Then, looking at various popular Facebook pages for ideas also helps!



The changing face to online marketing: trend at glance!

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Keeping in mind the rising number of visitors online and the recent mushrooming of SEO companies in every nook and corner that promise top rankings on all search engines, most small businesses consider it really important to be in sync with the recent online marketing trends. The growing importance and impact of online marketing for a particular website‘s popularity and impact cannot be ruled out.

Constant increase in the number of people accessing the internet makes it imperative that a website places its bet on a resounding SEO company that has a long history of win-win cases and a track record of winning. Apart from high rankings, a promising return on investments is also a resounding factor that people seek SEO companies for!

Thus for an SEO company to deliver results clarity, purpose, vision and realistic expectations will all have to play a role. It has be a firm in strategizing and devising and holistic online marketing plan that not only targets SEO activities or on-page or off page optimization but will also have to include a judicious mix of social media usage, paid internet marketing, content submission, display advertisements etc. All of this if churned together will be able to provide value to the customer. From the business’s perspective, measuring your goals clearly and working on them patiently will help in achieving the required output.

A veteran SEO company will also keep matching the existing marketing strategy with the ever-changing marketing trends so that every development can be harnessed to deliver output and enhance productivity.  For example, in the past two years the changing role of social media and blogging and its utility in improving a site’s online visibility can hardly be ignored.

The next course of action that we foresee is the synchronization of mobile marketing and digital marketing with social media and Organic SEO. For if, all these speak one language it can work wonders for the brand’s value and performance.



Sitemap logic unleashed!

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Sitemaps can quite easily help Google in crawling your website. Sitemaps are means of informing Google’s webmaster tool about the number of pages that need to be crawled by informing the names of the URL’s that are indexed. The utility of the sitemaps is further improved with the recent additions.

What are the changes?

•All the data (e.g. web-workings, images, & news etc.) will be detailed on the sitemap clearly.

•We could clearly view which one of the links out these have been indexed already.

•The newly improved sitemap page will replace the video sitemap labs feature which in the light of the new development seems redundant.

•Testing for site map will not happen the usual way now. Testing will not now mean submission of a sitemap for errors; Google will test thoroughly and intensely with Googlebot now. The point is to catch all the issues and errors on the URL.

•The errors are also clearly highlighted combined in groups or warnings and highlighted on the main map page instead of being enclosed in child sitemaps.

•The ‘delete’ button also sees the change in meaning. Delete button can now remove the site map from the webmaster tool, & account owner. However, even after deletion Google can still process sitemap.

These are a few developments that help Google crawl your website better. It will also help your site get crawled faster and ranked higher on search engines. With these developments in place you can  improve your site’s positioning completely.



The recently changed Google’s privacy policy

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Any changes implemented or scrutinized at the Ivory tower will definitely affect the masses deep down. Google calls the entire process simplifying the privacy policy. However, the opinion makers, stakeholders, users all found the changes unclear and fazed, till the time Congress wrote to them to make the information more meaningful and clear to the audience. Thus, despite making huge notifications about the changes the audience was still kept guessing about what these changes really were.

Well, the changes that have taken place are:

• The presentation of the Google privacy policy has seen many welcoming changes. That means, it has be rewritten and re-formatted to make it more readable and approachable. There are 60 product specific documents that have seen changes.

• Conglomeration of YouTube & other Google products (that means that data Google collects on YouTube will improve the customer’s over all Google experience and vice-versa.

• What a user searches on Google will also become part of Google history for your Google account. (If you’re logged in from the same account while surfing YouTube, Google+ or the biggest search engine.)

• Entire purpose of this new policy is to create simple and intuitive pan Google experience for the user. Logging in with a Google account the information a user has sought on one platform can be combined with information sought on other service platform and can then be retained in your history to make user’s Google experience more holistic and fulfilling.

This eradicates the existing of separate verticals within Google offering. The new policy sees removal of everything that exists in silos. It removes the privacy protection separation between YouTube, Google Search and other Google product s by treating you as a single user. It will not only help the user to utilize the vehicle more judiciously but it will also make it easy for the user to understand how the data is collected in used by the priests up there.



Know all that can happen in a minute on the net!

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Internet is really known for creating a virtual world that people live in! Every second it changes lives for so many netizens. If is difficult to estimate what all does really happen in a minute over the net, but to an entrepreneur who is in the business of making money from internet optimization, it is imperative to remain abreast of the daily activities that happen on the net minute after minute.

Every 60 seconds, we see internet evolving:

• The leading search engines (i.e. Google, Alexa etc.) run a series of more than 694,445 queries

• YouTube holds 600 more videos each minute

• Leading social networking sites such as LinkedIn & Facebook have 300 more account registrations, 1 lakh tweets, 695,000 status updations, 79,364 posts and over 5 lakh comments each minute

• Flickr sees more than 6000 pictures being uploaded

• Every minute 100 new domains are registered

• Around 100,000,000 emails are forwarded with each passing second of the minute

So you now have an inkling of the potential or the power of internet. It vas and thus has even gigantic opportunity to make money and propel business. Thus, internet is an optimum media vehicle for any small scale enterprise to advertise on! Other than marketing by the means of emails and social network, an effective search engine optimization strategy will also contribute to higher rankings for your website.

There are various findings that suggest how significantly a sound SEO can aid you!

• Every minute more than 50 wordpress blogs are created

• LinkedIn sees 100 new accounts

• 125 WordPress plug-ins are downloaded

• YahooAnswers.com entertains 50 new questions

• Answers.com entertains 100  new questions

• UrbanDictonary.com had more than two new definition listings

• Scribed: largest social reading publishing company online has more than 1,500 reads every minute.

• Craiglist has more than 1000 advertisements each minute

• Community created content online has more than 5 new articles published in a minute

• Personalized internet radio provider Pandora has more 10,000 visitors in 60 seconds

So, the market is huge. And the opportunities mammoth, call an expert from SEOBABA.com right now to make your brand a historical online success.



PIPA & SOPA: creating a Faux Paus!

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A solemn internet show-down prevailed on the web in disagreement with the two proposed bills to the American Government : Stop online Piracy Act & Proposed IP Act.

These are two new proposed bills that aim at censoring the web by imposing impossibly difficult terms and conditions. The foot in the mouth is that the government is really considering these bills to make them passable! Like Really; the house in Washington DC is considering the tow bills inclusive of these burdensome regulations on American Businesses. Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act, better known as SOPA and PIPA have faced severely strong criticism by leading U.S. portals and websites.

In protest, the audience was left seeking data on Wikipedia that would refuse any knowledge transfer; Word Press was dark and gloomy in the muted disagreement with the bill. Twitter, Tumblr, Rediff, Mozilla and other leading internet companies rose in protest against the claimed efficacy of SOPA & PIPA. There was a lot of hue & cry raised against the many claimed targets that these bills proposed to achieve.

Huge petitions signed and followed by millions of techies, and internet users were forwarded to the Congress and other stakeholders in the intended decision making. There are yet innumerable people who are trying to reach out to the decision makers over the phone urging that they rethink PIPA and SOPA.

They all believe that there can be practical measures that one could undertake to fight with online piracy successfully. Taking away copyrights from many hoax websites last year was one such measure. But applying stringent regulations will not really be effective. If we do not make any extra allowances to the foreign sites that will really help us in transcending online piracy equation.

However, most internet marketers and opinion holders feel that PIPA and SOPA are mere face-offs that will disrupt innovation and lead to dearth of job creation in the internet market. They also claim that the gap in law-abiding U.S. companies and bad actors will only widen with their applications. Even then, these bills will not really be able to reduce piracy.  The communal activities would go on albeit with different IP addresses. The ruling from the big Ivory Tower was in support of these less influential subjects! PIPA & SOPA are indeed a Faux Paus and need to be backed with powerful and practical measures.



Goggle+ pages-An innovative way to promote businesses

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Google has recently announced the launch of Google+ pages to facilitate businesses to promote their businesses online. Through Google+ pages businesses are provided a place to promote conversations related to their products and services. These are like Facebook pages that have given companies a way to participate social network.

Google + pages provide a common place for people who join the site and businesses that make these Google pages. Companies can chat directly with their potential customers who follow them..

To assist businesses how to get started, or how to create a page, promote it and measure its effectiveness they can go to online guide provided by Google. After creating a page and making it up on the site, Google advises businesses to start sharing items of interest–updates on  their products, the latest news of the companies, photos, videos, and anything else that is necessary to draw attention of the potential customers.

Once businesses start building customers they can initiate the steps where people can join them for conversation and leave their comments. Businesses also can respond to their customers and this way they are able to deliver their messages to the right people in order to promote their products and services.

So by creating Google+ pages, Goggle has take a step further to assist to assist companies and business to promote their products and services through social network..




How significant is Meta-description for search engine optimization?

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You website is a great online marketing tool for enhancing your web presence and maximizing your ranking on the net. Website design is an excellent idea to gain momentum and visibility on the popular search engines. However, to make these viewers arrive is one thing but to make them stay is another thing. And to make these viewers stay at your website as customers, it is essential to team your website beautiful presence with rigorous SEO activity. Thus, the efficacy of web-design Company can only be realized if an intelligent SEO company proves its merit; for only an SEO organization can turn your intelligently designed website in to a tool of conversion & profit. Meta elements are basic informational tags in the HEAD tag of webpage code.

Meta elements are widely known as titles, descriptions & keywords. Search engine result page has to have a really powerful and genuine ‘title’ tag, or the ‘met-description’ that catches the instant attention of the search engine users. Thus, capable, original and striking Meta description tags are essential for effective search engine optimization of one’s website. It is yet another too-tip that improves conversion rate & output of the site. Meta description can best be understood as a short snippet of content a search engine uses to display on its search engine results. It is important mainly because it is understood as the ready summary of the webpage content. That is why, though people underestimate the importance of Meta-tag descriptions, yet it has deep impact on the ranking & position of the site. These descriptions are important because, Meta descriptions are the first points that attract attention of any visitor on the internet. So whether a person will click on your site’s URL or not depends on the pages description tag.




Internet marketing & more…

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If at all you’re thinking that only a rigorous internet market strategy can take care of all your online woes, it is about time to get this myth busted.  White hat SEO &SMO activities ensure that your site tops the charts on all search engines, but it cannot deliver popularity. An online small business can only be popular if the website is beautifully crafted and easily navigable. Thus, a sound SEO regimen coupled with an enamouring website presence will culminate in generating business. Search engine optimization will deliver n number of visitors on your site, and an involving website presence will transform these visitors into customers.

A well-crafted, smooth running website is very important to avoid any unpleasant experience for the visitor, for the interface is the first point of contact of a potential customer with your brand. A professionally designed website not only lures the investors judiciously, but also attracts the customers easily. A well designed corporate online presence is a mandatory part of a holistic internet marketing strategy. It also confirms that a customer receives all the prominent information, news, or knowledge from a definite, and a trustworthy source online. Having a business website may serve a purpose as simple as letting people know your phone number and opening hours, or as complex as a maintaining searchable database of your products.

It can also benefit you during your SMO & link building activity. Also, you could post articles, information, chat forums, newsletters, etc. on your corporate blog. This not only enlightens the customer with first-hand information but also improves you site ranking the internet tremendously. Thus, we don’t simply build web pages, build an empowering web-presence for your brand online.

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